August 28th, 2014
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Small Cap Value Report (28 Aug 2014) - XAR 4
Xaar by Paul Scott 9:09am   |   20 mins ago kevanp
Blinkx, and You May Miss the Rebound!
Blinkx by Edmund Shing 48 mins ago
Valuation, sentiment, and SP direction 1312
SOCO International by sirlurkalot 17th Jun '09   |   53 mins ago tournesol
Monthly Oil Stock Competition: Super September for >20%....... 1
Energy by flyingbull 9:17am   |   10:47am Fangorn
GuruScreens  upgrades amp downgrades  August 26th
GuruScreens - upgrades & downgrades - August 26th 2
Savills LOOK by Alex Naamani Tue 5:58pm   |   10:43am Alex Naamani
Molins - on the radar 8
Molins by bsharman 21st Aug   |   10:03am bsharman
Fairpoint plc: Ditch the Ethical Qualms, Buy It 10
Fairpoint by Edmund Shing Tue 4:49pm   |   10:02am snickers
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (CRW)
Craneware by AIM Prospector 9:50am
The most depressing thing about the Quindell saga 7
Quindell by ExpectingValue 21st Aug   |   Wed 9:42pm tochered
Small Cap Value Report (27 Aug 2014) - CHH, MCLS 3
Churchill China MCLS PMP by Paul Scott Wed 8:25am   |   Wed 4:25pm Leven
AMO Amino Technologies
Amino Technologies by Chipspa Wed 3:55pm
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (CHH, LCG)
Churchill China LCG by AIM Prospector Wed 9:33am
Regus (RGU) and Constant Currency
Regus by RedTom Tue 9:43pm
Small Cap Value Report (26 Aug 2014) - BQE, BOOM, CNC 19
Bioquell BOOM CNC by Paul Scott Tue 8:14am   |   Tue 9:33pm TheMarinersWife
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (RQIH, TRAK)
Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings TRAK by AIM Prospector Tue 9:29am
Distribution of Guru Screens: By Style and Market Index
Stock Picks by TheWatchmaker Tue 9:29pm
Stockopedia USA has landed
Stockopedia USA has landed 7
Apple Inc GOOGL by Edward Croft 8th Aug   |   Mon 10:14am mpat89
Stock of the Month. A Misunderstood Tech Play 6
Pennant International by Investor2015 19th Aug   |   Sun 12:36pm Investor2015
Small Cap Value Report (20 Aug 2014) - RBN, EGS, HVN, LTHM 14
Robinson EGS HVN LTHM by Paul Scott 20th Aug   |   Sat 11:37am Edward Croft
StockRanks Performance  one year on
StockRanks Performance - one year on 21
Stockranks by Edward Croft 15th Aug   |   Sat 11:35am Edward Croft
Small Cap Value Report (22 Aug 2014) - AGA, HVN, SKP 14
AGA Rangemaster HVN SKP by Paul Scott Fri 8:07am   |   Fri 5:58pm Paul Scott
Macro - July
Midas Income & Growth Trust FMPI ATST FRCL OIG SDV by QuotedData Fri 4:16pm
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (ZZZ)
Snoozebox Holdings by AIM Prospector Fri 9:29am
JURIDICA - anyone got an opinion? 2
Juridica Investments Closed Fund by tournesol 26th Jun   |   Fri 7:32am tournesol
Quindell Plc: Re-visiting the Ingenie and Himex Transactions 11
Quindell by Heisenberg 27th Apr   |   21st Aug Heisenberg
Why Sandisk is a Top Technology Pick
Why Sandisk is a Top Technology Pick
SanDisk by Edmund Shing 21st Aug
Small Cap Value Report (21 Aug 2014) - TNG, OFF, SKP, CBUY 11
Tangent Communications OFF SKP CBUY by Paul Scott 21st Aug   |   21st Aug NigeA
Small Cap Value Report (15 Aug 2014) - ZIOC, SRG, TUNG 28
Zanaga Iron Ore SRG TUNG by Paul Scott 15th Aug   |   21st Aug boothbym
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (CBUY, PROX)
Cloudbuy PROX by AIM Prospector 21st Aug
Want High Yield and Momentum? Go for Insurance! 12
Amlin DLG CGL BRIT by Edmund Shing 7th Jul   |   20th Aug knowlesi
Telit like it is......Is there a downside? 2
Telit Communications by fifthcolumn 19th Aug   |   20th Aug fifthcolumn
Mechanical Bull: A Riddle Solved 5
Screening by Mechanical Bull 9th Aug   |   20th Aug Richard Goodwin
Analyst Targets - When should we believe them? 4
Clinigen by TheWatchmaker 7th Aug   |   20th Aug TheWatchmaker
AIM Prospector morning thoughts (EGS)
Eg Solutions by AIM Prospector 20th Aug
Owning shares in Quindell is like a trip to the Rodeo but… 7
Quindell BLNX GBO RSA DLG AV. by steamy001 15th May   |   19th Aug intuitive6191